12 female personality Fen (Beauty diagram)

      there are a lot of pleasure is not yet developed or to pay no heed to our body, to emphasize here that the pleasure point may be caressed by little exposure to or, so is quite sensitive to touch oh!

      1, and gently massage for breast will have strong sexual pleasure and.

      2, papillary response to gentle caress, increase sexual arousal.

      3, lip and mouth of the touch sensitive, can increase the sexy .

      4, massage abdomen will have a relaxing effect, the elevation of reaction and look forward to.

      5, massage medial thigh except can slow down the sexual tension, but also help the sexy smooth.

      6, touch the earlobe can quickly convey sexy stimulation and pleasure.

      7, caressing the nape of the neck can stimulate very strong sexual excitement.

      8, stroking the armpit and the soft inner part of the upper arm, will feel very happy.

      9, the hips are sexy, of strong massage reaction.

      10, close to the sex organs of the groin is quite sexy place.

      11, knee (knee) to gently massage and touch sensitivity is high.

      12, the massage stimulates Mu toe pulp, will trigger a reaction of the body.

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