13 kinds of sex life more fun

holiday sex

as long as there is any holiday weekend three days can make become lovers (lovers, lovers blog, say) day, memorial day and National Day, many couple will choose to spend in bed.

"quarrel" type sex

fierce quarrel often cause intense exercise in bed. The quarrel can lead to a rise in vivo dopamine and epinephrine levels, leading to you and your partner will feel very excited in other ways too, such as sex. Every couple have occasional conflict, post conflict sex often will your relationship more harmonious.

type of holiday sex

go on holiday, you can enjoy your private time.

fact, holiday sex helps you and your partner to rekindle the fire, in the aspect of more intimate. If you’re used to plan the journey time, remember to arrange a time sex, such as in the hotel stay until the wee hours of the morning or after dinner back to the room to enjoy a pleasant night.

"beast" sex

the slightest aggression, but also with a sense of urgency, often there will be unexpected results. This is one of the romantic mystical elements. You don’t know what to expect. If you are in the mood, you can try to tear each other’s clothes, omit foreplay, enjoy a different kind of out of step of sex.

comfort type sex

maybe sometimes he just need is simple and familiar and contented sex. If he these days is in the trough, this is also a good way to express love and support, choose a kind of you and your partner are like posture.

escape type sex

if you attend a very boring party or family reunion, can through this way to let this night become different. Slipped out, looking for an empty bedroom, chances of getting caught will make your sex life more exciting, there are different kinds of fun. Why can also provide you with a look forward to family reunion.

meets fantasy sex

everyone to have sexual fantasies, as long as you both feel comfortable, there is no reason to refuse to turn it into reality. Whenever possible, we should try our best to meet each other’s sex fantasy. For example, if your partner is always dreaming of the ship’s sex, why not rent a boat and enjoy a romantic night in the sea?

fast sex

if you’re pressed for time, can enjoy fast sex. Just make sure that you are willing to, <

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