14 kisses a woman kiss the sweet love

man kisses are not so pure, simple and generous. Men speak sugared words might make you confused, but the lips tongue meaning is often more can reveal his inner "sex" and the secret.

1. Juicy Strawberry
Qi: "sometimes I would bite a strawberry, head close to him, use eyes to lure him to him to bite. When he opened his mouth to eat, I will avoid the girl Minnie, repeatedly dodge one or two times, he would know I exactly want him to eat or eat my Strawberry."


Cong: "affectation, I do best, for example, one time I couldn’t see what was installed in the house turn the world upside down, looking around, she saw my heart also panic, he approached and asked I don’t see anything, said find me, I said:" I looked for could not find a wife for my kiss, "she was angry but also not help but smile, kiss my mouth, I said:" no, I want to find the kiss is very big!" She laughed, all I got is not just a kiss!"

3. fool octopus A Bao: "Weekend stay home from work to stuffy, nearly lost his temper, he will" swim "striding over, eyes round the mediocre, hand pestering me as octopus, pursed mouth wet circle even red lip within all anti – out, then grabbed my neck, printing five six seven eight Octopus lips on my lips, I each time he amused laugh!"

4. Reserved!

5. cannibal Tammy: "he long will send nerve, while I read magazine in bed, flying leap over and was pressing on me, dance with joy, Serge it grunted a bunch of" native language ", just above and below the rushing around, to bite my neck, my chest, in short, biting kick – thirty people, like a child. I actually like! >

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