14 strokes to woman pain and moaning with pleasure in bed.

              silkworm lingering: "women face is lying, his arms around the man neck, legs crossed at the man behind, with both hands holding the man woman neck, fell in the women’s between the legs, insert the penis.

Long Wan turn: "woman supine, legs bent, and exalted, men fell in the women’s legs to the middle, left hand pushing female legs, so that women can be bent to the back toe breast , then insert the penis.

Ji Cheng foot: "women lying, a man squatting female shares, left hand right hand trapping female neck, help female legs, will the penis insertion. "

horse hoof: shake "woman lying, men build female legs, a shoulder, a the woman to hand to pull, to will the penis inserted deep into. "

      chicken spot: "men sat on the edge of the bed, so that a girl sat in the body, insert the penis, another girl from the men behind to fondle, increase pleasure. "

Dan point Fung Yu: "woman lying in hand, lift your legs, a man kneeling in the female shares, with the hand support body! Then to the penis inserts. "

Xuan Mingpeng Zhu: "women supine, legs placed all male woman will shoulder on the left and the right, and then hand holding the female waist, inserted into the penis.

holds the tree: "Yin ape man legs apart and sit, the woman sitting on the male legs, hands clinging to the man, the man a hand hook the female buttocks, one side is inserted into the penis. "

(cat and mouse with acupuncture point: "a man lying, legs apart, the woman fell down in a male body, deep into the penis. Then the man change posture, typically lying in woman on the back, behind the attack. "

The Syrian ready: " " "rel=" nofollow ">
amphoteric affectionate hug together situation. "

Shen Qianquan: "men and women will hand tightly hold each other’s situation. "

exposed fish gills: "to describe the woman Mons excited as the fish will gill exposed in air and struggle. "

kylin angle: "to describe the like the horn of kylin excited penis. "

white tiger Teng: "the woman stretched lying, legs stretched out, the man sitting in the inner thigh, legs bent, his hands clasped >

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