15 strokes for a man to be young at sex

50 years old is the key period of preventive aging, because this is a turning point in male ability. After 50 years of age, male of testicular will gradually aging, reduce the secretion of testosterone, testis is relatively narrow. These are physically limited potency.

delayed senescence necessary 9 kit

1 on his sexual ability is full of self-confidence, it is normal to have faith in his own function .

2 " healthy mental state, character, cheerful, mood to be happy, foster a sense of humor. Exert the spirit of depression will affect sexual function. The emergence of excessive tension induces a

3 have a strong spirit of enterprise, uplifting struggle will make people in high spirits, but also produced a sense of pride, be of great advantage to sexual function.

4 to maintain proper life . Abstinence and excessive sexual life will lead to premature sexual ability. And moderate sex life can promote the secretion of sex hormone, avoid sexual organs of disuse atrophy.

5 often take part in physical exercise, especially to participate in the regular jogging, cycling and walking motion, the lower limbs. And the sexual function of "rise and fall" and the waist and legs close relationship.

6 note increase nutrition appropriately, can eat some rich in zinc, manganese, selenium, vitamin E and so on have enhanced sexual function of food, such as oysters, fish, peanuts, soy products, walnuts, mushrooms, sesame, wolfberry, >

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