18 strokes to maintain harmonious sexual life

The couple in love, the newly married couple always come up with a lot of ways of making the two sides sex life have been updated and development. However, with the passage of time, in the course of time, due to various reasons, people might not bother trying to promote sex life full of fresh vitality.

results of course must pay a price, the two sides have a monotonous life, even often quarrel with each other, so that the break up.

as everyone knows, after a new car to buy, often need to repair, to maintain and extend its good performance. Why the sex life need not be maintained? Of course you need! Hugh · Campel has proposed a list in 1994, suggested that every day, every week, every few months or a year, make some corresponding things to maintain sexual life at its best. The list is not necessarily all details are to do, according to the interests of your own, each with one or two kinds of, or just by yourself and think of some way to.


to do every day: the basis of maintaining good sex is caring and considerate, although some small trifles but can make the other person feel your understanding and caring.

1 again and went to bed: if you always get up early, cuisine things after each other to get up, can be in each other before getting up, once again into the bed, and the other a chat for a while, hug.

2 help each other to do something even if it is a very small thing: for example, in the previous husband shave,

3 a wife to wipe the water vapor on the mirror; before the wife or husband to get up a few minutes, the other party to cook Coffee, Hot Milk or change the water in the vase.

4 share something: for example, open a bottle of beer, two people share, rather than the open a bottle; buy a newspaper, two people circulate, rather than each buy a.

5 hug: no matter what the situation, home to a door embrace each other, make the family full of love the atmosphere.

6 let the other side "to": don’t blame each other, are the other not, sometimes to let him (her) a horse, decided not to each other always be overcritical, this is not right, it is also not good.

weekly: love is the need of time, at least a week to arrange a time less than two hours of conversation, communicating with each other in order to. Go out to eat breakfast or dinner. The important thing is not to eat and drink, but to have the opportunity to spend time together in.

7 a recurring appointment: "Wednesday night is our happy time", set in advance, not make it some other people, don’t do anything else, both together and go to the movies or the theater, or go to the restaurant for delicious food, or do the two other things people would like to do.

8 walk together somewhere: by bus, by taxi are not likely to "privacy", and drive their own cars, to too fast, it might as well within walking distance of the target, two people walk, walk and talk.

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