19 strokes to lay more spicy passion

what is there than the newly married honeymoon sex the more wonderful thing? The answer is no.. So, do those positive for your sex life as a bride for you, you have no promotion methods related? Recently, American marriage association provides 19 methods to promote the good of, not only can make the intercourse spicy, and let love sweeter.

  manufacturing atmosphere

outdoor sex is good, but now is the winter, most people will choose to movement on the bed in the bedroom. Unfortunately, many people’s bedroom, fascinating problems, have a negative impact on customers emotional. For some thoughts, effort, it is not difficult to construct bedroom charming.

1, soft lighting

‘s bedroom to create a special atmosphere. Like in the strong light of love making people, after all, not many, therefore, in order to create a charming, you will be the main lights dim the lights. A few branches mounted in the bed or wall lamp. Candlelight good tradition, is charming.


warm stove

if your bedroom is very cold in the winter, use the stove to make indoor rapid warming, it is important to. Love is two people naked, cold and warm light inhibition of lust, lust.

3, large mattress

of course, the bed of the bedroom is key. As far as possible purchase of large bed. Mattress choice is also important. Hard mattess, is better suited to sleep together.


soft sheet

satin sheets is luxurious charming is for most people to purchase the goods. Because its price is expensive, and does not wash easily. Cotton sheets although charming as satin sheets, but soft, comfortable, with moderate prices, many people use.

5, luxury


you want to make the bed and charming Mantic, add canopy to it, or by luxuriant bedspread covering, very good. Of course, there are four poster bed canopy, curtain, can achieve such a request.

6, other furniture

for example, the small sofa, chair, also be a bedroom in cannot little, because they can increase may position sex . In the bedroom as can leave some space on the shop carpet better, cheap, has become a good place with massage,


7, decorative mirror

many people love can mirror to watch your roommate situation. In the bedroom in the appropriate places decorative mirror, can achieve the purpose of. However, to good effect, it is necessary to advance the design. Remember: some person

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