29 years is the golden age of 7 criteria for the identification of men of ability

man life ability can be divided into 5 stages, of which, 29 years old start, at this stage the most charming golden age 38 years old, called the sex .

1, out of control period (18 years ago)

man for sex attention is from the beginning of puberty arrives after. Which part of the body in hibernating years later, finally can not stop recovery. The pain is, no matter what time what place, it could suddenly erection. This has happened even in thin clothes in summer, is the teacher called to the front of the students to recite the text of the moment. It seems more and more difficult to manage. Some boy students era shine, to enter the society is more successful, the important reason is they properly control their instinct. But this is easier said than done! With the development of increasingly perfect, he will often dream of a specific and affectionate, who she is and the beautiful and the question of whether or not down in the second.

2, the hottest period (18-28 years old)

men’s emotions slowly began to stabilize. Has not only, still have feelings and career, and these aspects are likely to make some achievement. If a man at this stage also complacent, he in this life will be without a single success. But he still not strong enough, to prove his desire is very strong, with far more than care for care. When chasing girls, he usually said frankly: "I love you, really, for life……" However, women are often difficult to bear their blazing to die a natural death. This stage is a man to a woman of considerable understanding of the period.

3, a fascinating period (29-38 years old)

after years of ups and downs, he has become very sedate, elegant, good at controlling their emotions, but more importantly he already has its own cause. He was filled with confidence, and that sex is two people, if rejected, also will be as before sad. He was able to ease to face everything, because for him, is not a mysterious woman. He was a large part of sexual desire has let support each other in and partner. He can appreciate the beauty of a woman, also can make her charm to make a woman feel; he will not let the woman embarrassed, also won’t embarrass myself. He will be in a calm state, provoked a woman heart waves.

4, conservative period (39-55 years old)

a frightening reality in front: diminished sexual desire, although see can also produce sexual fantasy woman. He has been able to fully control the mood, but the flat and let them worry. For naturally or half unconsciously make up, his desire for a warm family life, his wife >

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