3 campaign style white-collar workers will learn sex.

as a white-collar, usually busy work has let us feel tired. But back home in the evening, in order to completely relax. Enjoy between husband and wife sex , let the whole room full of sweet and warm. However, when the usual sex skills have been used when you over and over again, will also feel tired? Here, small make up to recommend three " motion " method; sex, let your sex passion.

push up type sex

you may fancy countless times, what kind of sport has a relationship with the sex skills? Do not marvel, as people’s sexual experience has been put in front of us, the push up type sex is no longer what

myth!Before the

to do push ups in this position in the man, woman, the first thing to do is to lie down on the bed, then legs open, and let his privates as far as possible towards the above. In this way, the man will alignment and insertion of the penis after the woman, can use this push ups love .

UPS type sex

some people say that the push up form of sex does not have what problem, but the way the sit ups Is it right? Indulge in the wildest fantasy? No, but it seems you have used this way.


love a woman sitting on the man, and the man is generally lie still let the woman oneself pull plug. But this time, we need a change, then is the man the penis into the woman, began to hold, two people together to do sit ups. This way to open up very tired, in fact, when the woman hands in man about to lie down the bed surface is the support, do you think he’ll still tired?

leapfrog sex

when you see the name, Is it right? Think this movement " " must be by the man to do? Not really, leapfrog although tired, but at the moment we have to know is, for the passion of love, a little tired and never mind!

the woman back to the man, and then sitting in the private parts on man. Once the woman vaginal full moisture, we can in the >

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