3 in sex skills you have to learn

There are many kinds of

sex the way, our sex Is it right? Because their way not timely replacement and become some boring? If this is the case, we should make a prompt decision, let your love again perfect.

The following

is small make up to recommend 3 kinds of new love method, we hope to be able to broad netizen help oh!

water sex

believes that many couples have a bath together experience, take a shower together, play together, which together look at each other Is it right? Carcass feel very cool?

don’t meet, actually more comfortable than bath is water sex, this kind of lovemaking is different from love in bed feeling. With the aid of buoyancy in the water, was doing while washing feeling, you’ll find out, whether you use is what posture, can give each other to bring Shuang of pleasure.

air sex

if the pure air of the most love, this is not possible. But we can be infinitely close to the boundary. Hanging rope special sex under a in the roof (like a seesaw), let the woman hands after sitting in the rope (the body from the wound about 15 cm), the man hands hold the woman.

then, man lying in bed, alignment women privates gently from the following energy-saving. We note that, at this moment, because the woman is suspended in the air, we can let the woman slowly in the air circling, ups and downs.



one can walk into that mirror? Of course not. But our image can truly be in there. Therefore, the mirror make love, you’ll find out you like watching movies like watching your performance.

the performance at the same time, if we can in the men’s

Oh, not too close to the mirror, the best in the 1 meters away, love to see more pictures of this, colorful!

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