3 the best way to kiss to let her enjoy

          a new study has found that the quality of how to kiss, will decide how to development of love. At the same time, the research also pointed out that the men and women of different attitudes to kiss, hope to get the feeling of not the same; compared with the male were more likely to transition the kiss as further affectionate, sometimes used to with his girlfriend and.

          found in the United States Albany University survey, 59% of men and 66% of women had attracted by someone, but may be in after one kiss, will be completely lost interest in him. In the study, men tend to French kiss, like a big mouth. The researchers analyzed, this may be compared for men and women, its taste and smell bad, need more saliva to experience and evaluate each other. While women are more like gentle kisses, best can deep soundings.

          at the same time, men don’t have to kiss can "went straight to the theme of love", and a good time. For women, no kiss, never had sex. They have set up and checked kisses as an important way of relationships. "Kissing help women distinguish love loyalty. If each other kissing frequency suddenly reduced, or kissing styles change, she can sensitively detect each other’s interest is waning."

          earlier, in USA of society meeting, the experts found that, good kiss an average duration of 45 seconds, can affect the face 34 muscles, which detonated sexual desire. The famous psychologist Dr. Beh Aa Illy of Germany pointed out, there are 3 ways to best kiss, simple and practical:

          first, closed type. In the first stages of love, two people are shy, this kiss should be their respective closed mouth, only kiss between lips.

          second, half open type. Upper lip on one side of the shift to lower lip between each other, and then gently friction. This enables both excited.

          third, the concave convex type. Gently friction between lips, then mutual suck. So in general, the contact is more comprehensive, the expression of feelings will be more warm. < >

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