3 tips to make your nature to high.

perfect life can not only joyful sex both physically and mentally, but also enhance the feelings between the two sides. However, the perfect sex life doesn’t come to you, you need to master certain of skills to create.

however, in reality, people do not and your partner grope is school skills online or in books, there is no better way to obtain these information. However, both the way to acquire the skills and sometimes can not help people get a perfect life. Today, please experts recommend several techniques for you, to help you create the perfect life.


formulation of schedule

is like go to school when school to develop curriculum like, when you like the class, will be very excited, or even required before class will preview a good class of things. In the sex, also have this kind of psychology. Have the timetable, the couple will be full of expectations for sex, and ready.

to the sex that day, they will be arranged in advance of work and life, adjustment of status, also can be orchestrated foreplay, make romance, to avoid sex becomes insipid. Investigation shows, have sex of schedule of husband and wife, sexual life quality higher, experience more enjoyable wonderful.

Sincerely treat every time sexual love

now the people became very busy, busy busy busy busy working children, children busy old man, old man is busy doing housework…… Anyway, a lot of things squeeze the couple’s sexual time, keep it in a hurry.

in fact, the more this time. The couple should sincerely treat every time sexual life, cherish every chance of sex, kiss, enthusiastic embrace…… Don’t simplify the steps, and to do more perfect, pay attention to the spirit and the flesh of the blend.

to help

fun activities

has a lot of the time, no matter how teaser, use sex position what can provoke sexual sexual desire of both sides. This may be because the two sides to each other all too familiar, like a left hand to hold the right hand, no fresh feeling.

this time you may wish to try to use some fun activities, they may bring you a different kind of sexual experience, and now on the market, the choice space of erotic large, such as a double driving and double vibration massager, touch, taste the vibrating rod single speed bullet vibrator, the local earthquake ring for everyone to choose >

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