30 seconds make women love liquid jet insertion techniques


female sitting, so 100% into the penis female body, at the same time, the tooth bone starts to hit the female clitoris. About 30 seconds later, the feminine bioelectricity rises to about 78%, starts the clitoris

female divided into orgasm clitoral orgasm, " in vagina, comprehensive climax climax (asexual demand reached after female, and the male ejaculation like ). This paper introduced a method of hand in western countries recommend *, can basically achieve the comprehensive climax of the clitoris high tide vagina.

Has the very big factor

female orgasm psychological, so must let the female heart no burden, so want to flirt with caresses.

first normal bit insertion (missionary) about 1 and a half minutes after transposition (this position can be high-speed guide women’s psychological trend of sex, motor, speed fast but men get similar electrophysiological groove growth very quickly, and more energetic) — — change squat position (on the men and women, male squat on the bed): this posture masculine bioelectricity trough will begin to decrease significantly, so as to avoid premature ejaculation.

at the same time, squat state can be regained some strength, but this posture will reduce the feminine bioelectricity trough, so only lasts for 1 minutes or so, just change — — back type: this position can let the female vagina with 80% suction penis length, pleasure is strong, easy to find and the male to female buttocks force points, as the branch >

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