4 Secrets of smooth secret woman orgasm

love , you have encountered such a situation, the woman immediately to achieve but the men did not hold down their first vent. This situation is very irritated, but we need to do is how to make a man persisted at the last moment, and let the woman successfully climax.



in order to grasp just a few minutes to get satisfaction and pleasure, we should abandon all courtesy and reserved in the overspeed sex , direct frankly tell each other your needs. You can become fierce slut, indifferent to ask him, quickly inserted more deeply or action a few more intense.

Fierce kiss

kiss is promoting lust the best sex laws. Want to have more high quality and strike a deep chord sex, kissing is let her to die for the key, called the foreplay heavy artillery, through a kiss to convey passion, let a woman feel man’s passion. Even without overlapping action, also from each other among the loose body and mind kissing. The woman’s lips and breast is the primary stronghold of men to attack cities and capture territories, the man quickly opening, will make a woman happy and open sesame.


more pleasure than closed sex! Closed sex visual sovereignty still speak to himself, but when blindfolded, the whole world will enter the dark period; you need to borrow by touch or hearing to identify the range. When brought blindfolded after the mysterious experience an itch for a try, One’s blood boils with indignation.! Because to pay no heed, other sensory perceptions are thus become keen, ordinary affairs will create a hitherto unknown surprise, form the best erotic stimulation. Can exchange blindfolded, experience the full control of the other body, and pleasure is controlled.

sexy with assault

love is the most taboo immutable and frozen, the biggest culprit long greasy is not to seek a breakthrough. "The skin is

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