5 is conducive to the husband and wife health sex positions

            href= "in amphoteric life, pose a variety of sex. And some sexual positions can have good health effect. Below small make up for you to recommend 5 kinds of posture, let you enjoy sex more than happy, also can achieve weight loss effect.

            the female superior type

this position can exercise abdominal and back muscles. When a man is lying in bed, legs naturally straight, enjoy the woman to his pleasure. And the woman on top of active, you can also save some energy, if you and her interaction, will can’t help to not jump, then lumbar abdomen muscle you will effectively exercise.

male on

this posture can exercise chest muscles. Although men and women under the type is many couples used most widely and frequently posture. It can make both sides of the exchange, but it also requires you to continue more than 100 push ups, because this position has high for pectoral muscle, deltoid, triceps muscle and two head requirements. If you keep this posture, which will exercise your chest.


this position is the best way to exercise the hip muscles. Specific actions: holding her crotch in order to adjust the position, is the tightening thoraco abdominal muscles, tighten the buttocks muscles when going out. If you feel your legs could not support, can take a squat, but doing so will be more hard. According to the physical condition of each other using their own sex position.


this position advantage that can be a face lift, sounds, feel very funny. Because of this sex position can give full play to the tip of the tongue two individual potential, go down for a long time, your face and jaw muscles will get exercise, but do not have to worry about their relaxation. Must remind is, when using this kind of posture, we must pay attention to hygiene, prior to cleaning work is an indispensable and important link.



this position is conducive to your best way to lose weight. When she watch TV or phone call, while she was unprepared for her, making surprise attack, this Out of the Blue surprises will let each other more excited >

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