6 strokes to orgasms more intense

finally to harvest part, rest assured. MH is not that at this juncture with you talk nineteen to the dozen let you do this and that gossip magazines, and her cool! However, the only difference seen under these suggestions and then enter is: with her great dead!

go to the window.

a lot of women actually heart is a secret desire to be exposed in public places, so to the window to make love to fulfill her desire to seek stimulation. If you happen to be on the first floor, but out there is a busy pedestrian street, the better. Let her wear coat stand to do it, she will definitely excited incomparable.

in the closet,

fresh is always the best aphrodisiac. The smell of special environment, special brings special feeling. Especially as the cabinet so airtight suppress space, sense of urgency caused by causing a similar violence the illusion, and you and she definitely would therefore hooked.

Cover our eyes

cast her eyes can also help her make some sexual fantasies, and when she doesn’t know you’re going to do next. When the sensitivity of the body will be greatly increased. And your eyes are also worth a try, because when she doesn’t worry when you see them loose appearance, they will do more for you.

bind feet

"SMBD" not every pair of lovers can play away from the professional game. But if only in stockings or simply tie tie on her hands and feet, technical requirement is much lower. But for most women, only is so unable to move and bring the stimulation and pleasure, but also enough to make them yelling.

playing with some toys

is not used fun supplies brothers always believe that: "I’m ok, I don’t what other things to help!" Well, does your little brother can have four vibration frequency, to every second of dozens or even oscillation higher speed while stimulating her vagina, clitoris or even " backyard "? Competitive is good, uncivilized, but stupid. look at the white-collar workers with what flirting activities

a last will say? Don’t stop!

do not change position when she was close to the peak, more can’t stop. Even I am in talking about this when all feel frustrated, don’t even say those who are ready to enjoy the climax of the lovely girls. If I were a woman, I will kick you out of bed TMD to!


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