6 tips for your erotic passion

1, the fireplace passion

when the children are asleep, the fireplace to what would you do? Put out that fire go back to sleep? This is rather too boring. Why not in front of the fireplace extravagant blanket, and then in front of the fireplace to warm love a, warm firelight on the skin feeling, will ignite your unprecedented passion.

2, sex drama

you can imagine yourself to be a king or imagines that he is a poor man, whatever role you like, as long as there is no other objection, you can try meets in the stage type situation.

3, hide and seek

you can take to hide themselves, and then let the other side search at home. The original game is simple, but the sex is very effective in those expectations, in time, you will find your desires are gradually rise.

4, try a different posture

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love need to use that position, but we think whether you intend to try what posture, face to face is always preferred. This can not only deepen the feelings for each other, more can easily let you reach

5, timely kissing

research shows, kissing can increase the of human body immunity, especially can help you reduce cold may be in the winter, so do not prevent often and partner kiss, at the same time enhance mutual feelings increase its resistance, would satisfy both sides.

6, think of yourself as a gift

of course this is not to let you put into the box, only need to add some ribbon in yourself enough to let your man crazy.

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