7 teach women successful flirting with guys.

for women, how to tease the man seems to be a big problem, so how to tease men, let them interested enough into the sex , is a course of women most in need of learning.


smart to female can not only understand the body of a man, his heart more can read in bed, let him from the bottom of my heart, thank you caring and understanding, so as to guide you as he predestined friends. That man in ecstasy at the same time, you can also from the inside of the happy, enjoy the pleasure from you stir passions. Let "self-help" game with you into the man heart, explore their erotic daydream, crack appearance man strong sex under the password.

change the role of fun

bed occasionally play something different tricks, you can increase the appeal of the two, making one or two different scenarios, the effect will be beyond your imagination. "My girlfriend once in a sex pretend this is her first," the 33 year old Wenzheng said, "and I’ve never like that time that passion, she really is a great actress."

is wearing clothes make love

no doubt in a dress, at least. Men think the woman in the dress, have special wild, unrestrained feeling. Clothes soft tactility, irregular swaying rubbing your body when they make love, is the appreciation of the beauty. The 29 year old friends letter said: "clothing is soft to the touch, will provoke me wild primitive desire. There is a touch very good big T-shirt my girlfriend, every time I ask her to put on it to have sex with me."

found his sexy with

with your fingers gently massage all over his body, find his every sexy, mouth to seduce those areas again, this kind of teasing game, no man can resist.

play a strip show

what more reverie than a talk, naked woman? The 24 year old Roman Tam said: "my girlfriend on the telephone in my dad and I, standing in front of me quietly, piece by piece to take off her clothes. I got nothing thinking >

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