7 types of masturbation surgery to help you far away from loneliness

piston. This kind of masturbation technique like of sexual intercourse on the men and women position is one of the most commonly used methods in masturbation. Basic action is held by hand, the erection of the

milk formula. A very exciting way of masturbation. The handle and the penis do adequate lubrication (necessary conditions) and then the right hand thumb and index finger grip into a "O" shape, put your penis as cow’s milk, in accordance with the milking action, you’ll soon semen like milk spray out.

screw type. The right hand clenched the smooth penis, put your penis as screw, dynamic do back and forth like screw screw as the screw. I believe that as long as you can twist the screw, will make this movement. Gradually, the pleasure will be strong, and you’ll cool fun.

hands rub moving style. The two hands and penis sufficient lubrication, and then repeatedly rubbing between the penis in two hands, pleasure is coming fast. Note, you should know the difference between rubbing and smoothed moving, so the feelings will naturally different.

make smooth reading style. Without any lubricant, piston directly smoothed moving penile uninterrupted motion, until ejaculation. The forms of masturbation, the biggest feature is the fast, efficient, anytime, anywhere (of course is a safe place) can be carried out in three to five minutes of ejaculation.
intermittently enjoy type. The hand and the penis of the full lubrication, first with the uninterrupted piston warm-up for pleasure to strengthen, the moment of climax coming decisively to stop action, and then to the penis to dynamic knead gently, as gently pinch glans, on the brink of the brink and enjoy the splendor of semen, to shoot not pleasure. In this state, you will no longer need lubricant moisture, because you highly excited penis will continue to surge of passionate love liquid, make glans becomes natural and smooth. So repeatedly, in you really want to shoot, you just gently touch the penis can Tongkuailinli semen.
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