8 new sex tips to make sex more crazy

in life , we don’t just limited to their own instincts of the so-called " sex skills in or sex technology. The instinct of the things we learned without teacher, but the effect is not necessarily good. So, learn to innovation, innovation in the Don’t kiss each other


cold sores on the mouth is a herpes. They and the is a different genus of genital herpes, but if when your mouth on the students the herpes of oral , then the virus could mutate to cause your partner for genital herpes.

Careful selection of food

your stomach can’t all rivers run into sea, even if the film may seem like that. But you don’t want to put in what what put in, get more than one bargained for, will directly affect your sexual.

talking about your sex fantasy

and this will enable you to immediately enter the state, and also useful than the foreplay. If you have concerns about what to say words, then let him to say.

At least once a week


survey shows that at least a week sex life can make you stay away from the disease and depression. Reproductive stimulus makes the immune system more effective, alleviate headache and treatment of acne, can slow down the daily life of pain.

don’t feel surprised that

didn’t respond to himIn contrast with the popular

idea, erect not he a person can self active control, and fatigue and pressure are the reasons causing no response of the most ordinary.

reduces the distraction factor

in bed >

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