8 summarizes the growing love in bed.

sex life is not only to meet each other’s sexual desire to vent, more couples ascending couples the good method of emotion. sex you can feel each other on your strong love, harmonious sexual love is not only to promote the communication of emotion, on the physical and mental health is also of great benefit. Some small skills to join the plain of life, will let your love quality immediately promotion many. Next follow small make up have a look of the eight sex skills:

1, create a harmonious sexual atmosphere

perfect sex cannot do without careful preparation beforehand, like " contraceptive sets, lubricant, a towel, a large bottle of lemon honey water to quench their thirst. So, in addition to considering how to enjoy sex, you need not worry, do not worry about small problems occurred in the process of suspended sex process.

2, advance communication

man is always so Can’t wait in sex, some men even ignore foreplay directly into sex, then you might as well let him cool temporarily down from the blind passion. Experts suggest that you tell him your rhythm, he can well cooperate with you, you will have more harmonious sexual love.


touch his face

don’t skimp on his face caressing, use your fingers to slide on the other side of the nose, and his cheeks and lips, so that he can feel the deep love you. Maybe you like to make some fresh stuff, but those who do not see each other the position is not actually easy.

4, the extension of the AC

sex you can close your eyes to enjoy each other to bring all your graceful feeling, but at the same time, if you open your eyes, staring at each other’s eyes, you will find that it is a common experience.

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5, pay attention to small details

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