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What to Expect from Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans Commercial-use Mercedes Benz sprinter vans might appear like a reckless extravagance from the surface view. However, this is mainly among people who do not know that these trucks and vans are sought-after since they are powerful vehicles that can be used to move goods and haul freight. The passenger cars on the other hand are used to ferry business class people. For its design; this van has a number of unique attributes. This van allows for more storage capacity because it has a low load floor and it is tall. When moving people this car can carry around 15 passengers seated in five rows. Even though it has a long stance, the sprinter van is easy to maneuver because of the modern chassis. Its standard turbodiesel V6 ensures that it provides you with better fuel economy. Its horsepower and acceleration are, however, relative. Mercedes Benz sprinter vans, despite their name, are usually suitable for use in urban and suburban areas instead of highways. These vans are available in cargo, passenger and crew configurations. Cargo vans come with two front seats while the crew is a cargo van that has a second-row bench. 12 passengers can be carried by the passenger van in four rows. The larger model, the MiniBus, has a fifth row to carry around 15 passengers. These models have been made available in the 2500 styles that come with two wheelbase lengths. The cargo is available as a 3500 model, which offers an increase payload capacity. Many sprinters have standard features such as wood cargo floors, 270 degree opening for rear doors, 16-inch wheels, tilt and telescoping steering wheel and two-speaker radio. The stability and traction control as well as the front airbags are standard. People have the chance of tailoring these vans using different amazing options, which are such as rearview cameras, driver-side rear sliding doors, rear heating, parking sensors, upgraded front seats and air conditioning. Cargo and crew vans can also get fixed sunroofs or roof rack mounting rails. A standard five-speed automatic transmission sends the power to the rear wheels in all models of the Mercedes Benz sprinter vans. You need to know that these vans do not have leather, wood trim or bolstered seats. Because they have been built with large families in mind as well as commercial use, you will not get magic seats, power liftgates, innumerable cup holders and other kinds of trapping that family minivans have. Instead, you will find better quality in the build and a modern interior environment that is not found in other vans. The control and dash layout make the Mercedes Benz sprinter vans feel like midsize SUVs. Mercedes Benz sprinter vans debuted in 2011 and prior to that, Dodge had vans built by Mercedes to sell under the same name.What Do You Know About Vans

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