A number of practical methods to add dynamic to sex

1, a harmonious daily life contributes to the promotion of of a happy life. In daily life, take care of each other, between husband and wife to understand each other, is to strengthen the feelings of husband and wife, harmonious atmosphere, the best way to increase intimacy.

2, take responsibility for their own sexual pleasure. Is mainly directed against the wife, the wife has the right to the requirements of the initiative for their own sexual pleasure. When the spirit is not good, poor health, we should politely refuse her husband. In sexual life, want to find our own pleasure, and tries to make him understand their needs.

3, changing way of life. Long term use of a way, prone to boredom. The two sides should continuously innovate, can try different time, different environment, different places, different posture.

4, don’t wait for the run. female in to meet the orgasm , try the other way of life, such as a touch of self stimulation, see some contents of the calligraphy and painting, which may give some help.

5, proper sexual fantasies. In this way, can increase both sexual pleasure.

6, don’t the discontent into sex. If because of a quarrel, sulking and complaining, and in sexual life do not coincide with each other, or a temporary suspension of sexual life, will bring the hidden danger to the future of life.

7 has sex, be time to consult experts. If a party sexual problems, must not terrible shame and fear, otherwise it will bring more domestic troubles.

8, don’t always seek perfection. Some people (especially men) always expect every sexual experience be the pink of perfection, or not is blame blame. You know, is an expert in this field is also very difficult to achieve the perfect time.

9, don’t take a moment of sexual life failure too. The men’s temporary female impotence, occasionally not reach orgasm, is a normal phenomenon, do not have to always bear in mind, in order to avoid anxiety, tension, bring the negative influence to the later life.


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