A simple 4 strokes to let her get rid of shyness went straight to the crazy

1, hit the milk

breast is one of the most attractive to men eye position, is also the most sensitive areas of a woman. "Hit the milk" is to carry out the special love for it. If her breast is relatively large, in the C cup above, hand did not come, then according to the nipple, areola to provoke.

specific approach is: with your fingers around the areola around, or figure two fingers gently grip, nipple, some rotary motion. If the female breasts more delicate, can hand over, so don’t mention it, grasp it, regularly or frequency conversion type kneading. Before too long, her passion was picked up.

2, explore the privates

To explore the

exploration of "private parts" is the most mysterious of female area. Mainly in the main, if is the master, may use your breath. Hands must be gentle, not rude, because the private parts is very delicate. The main approach to finger stimulation of the clitoris, labia, flirting with proper depth vaginal export. Note: prior to wash their hands, nails.

3, Fu waist

"Fu waist" although simple, but want to get high performance is not easy. Waist and abdomen, two ribs are sensitive area, a lot of people itch meat also. So, do not like the "provoke cream", should use warm palms helped in the above, then along the female curve walk. Walk time, companion feeling will also along with go, so you can slowly upward, developed into a "hit milk". sex flame soon ignite.

4, catch the hip

"catch hip" of the application of the above recipe for less than, but also wonders. Although there is little sensitive hips, but most people be touched after there is no obvious first, so use "catch". The "catch" can be a pinch, twist, the degree of smoke, not heavy, not light, shall be in accordance with the requirements of the woman and affordability to judge. With a slight abuse means, but if we can find each other like manner, then the

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