A simple 4 strokes to make her first comfortable live

          most of the time, before the first love people usually don’t know women psychological will have how tangled. In fact, in addition to the first intersection before, as long as men understand some comfort women simple skills, may your virginity will progress very smoothly.

          stroking her scalp, this is the beginning of

electric shock

          many women said, when a man’s finger inadvertently blowing their hair, stay in the moment of the scalp, she produces the intoxicated and want to be close to feeling. Massage treatment expert said: "put your finger into her hair, with fingertip and pulp to a regular alternation of massage her scalp, this process will make her relaxed and at ease, accept your next move from the bottom of my heart."

          kiss her ear, this is the desire of the engine

          professor at the University of Manchester in Britain found, some parts of the ear in stimulation, can let a person produce need. This is why people in to hear some music and groans when hypersexuality. A man needs to do is, close to her ear, and whispered again lingering sentiments, licking, blowing, slowly add the kissing, sucking, can even put his tongue into the pierced ears, this definitely will cause female from a trembling heart. > > > techniques

          attack on her cleavage, it was an accident

          many women like to wear a neck and V collar clothes, because the neck and the cleavage is they want attention parts. Research shows that, on both sides of the clavicle to the cleavage site is very sensitive, inverted triangle area is the nape of the neck. The man in her casual, will kiss downward, from the neck to the clavicle to cleavage, but don’t be eager to meet her nipples.


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