A woman to conquer the husband 5 movement on the bed

Mr. Zhang

appearance is a typical workaholic, prompted the reason he is so hard work, strive for before 40 earn enough for retirement, to his wife and children of a stable and prosperous living environment. Because of the long-term work of his work, also have no time to take into account the communication between and his wife, of up to 1 times a week to maintain life.

although the wife love their husband, but 30 years old, it is women sexual tension stage, wife heart inevitably there will be some pain. Slowly, his wife began to complain. Mr. Zhang some don’t understand, just the beginning of their marriage, is chasing the wife affectionate, how now upside down. Puzzled amorous feelings of Mr. Zhang, let the wife feel very disappointed.

later Mrs. Zhang from a long meeting friends, learned of the couple to keep "sex" life mystery, this year nearly lent still her friend, now sexual life also with initially married as harmony, the secret is her in bed 5 "movement", make the husband of her interest. That night, Mrs. Zhang performance in bed let Mr. Zhang was unable to stop, two people returned to the initial sweet.

a lot of men because of family and work, gradually lost to sex original interest. Thirty or forty years is the period of transition of in male sexual desire, this time a woman is just the opposite, because out of young shyness and passive, but can get several times in the climax of sex. So, women want to conquer their men, let them together with their own to enjoy the climax of the pleasure, you can try the following 5 kinds of movement on the bed.


before and after exerciseThe

method before and after movement is sexual intercourse in the motion of men of the most commonly used, because it is similar to the piston in the cylinder movement, so it can stimulate the

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