absolutely no longer is the critical moment

Eastern 3 days 3 pressure whistle lore guards James Wong 3 degrees pressure whistle lore 15 years the first person Phoenix sports news Beijing time on May 11 news, May 9, Derek – Ross in LeBron James eyes hit guards pressure whistle lore. May 10th – Pearce Paul, the top three hit a defensive Eagle Investment lore. Today, LeBron James also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, he United Center in Chicago staged magic 1.5 seconds buzzer, save the knight help knight than the 86 to 84 defeated the bulls will series big score rewriting is 2 than 2 flat. Want to know, yesterday Peirce hits the lore, ESPN is given over a data: nearly 10 years to pierce and LeBron is the only had in the playoffs two complete pressure whistle lore players, Paul Pierce tied LeBron is not to 24 hours, LeBron again counter ultra dominate the throne. At the same time, he will also own record to upgrade to a higher level. For nearly 15 years, Lebron is a player buzzer lore most times in the playoffs, he had a total of 3 times. What is this concept? According to the statistics of ESPN, Michael Jordan playoff career also hit the three buzzer next LeBron and is expected to go beyond the Jordan. In addition, this is James playoff career 34 times 25+10+5, ranking first historical!. James recently a lore is on May 23, 2013. At that time, he was also wearing a shirt on the heat, the Pacers G1, both sides fought all the way to the overtime, finally 2.2 seconds the heat behind 1, LeBron the ball straight into the basket under the complete buzzer layup for Miami to 103 102 lore of the opponent. James another winner in May 23, 2009, when knight with Orlando series G2, the game last second magic to 95 more than 93 leading see shoo in, the LeBron to complete a fatal blow, he slips Mo Williams pass hit yashaosanfen, help Knight 96 to 95 beat magic tie the series big score, but ultimately the knight or with 2 than 4 defeat an opponent out. Past, LeBron has always been questioned critical moment afraid to take responsibility, the key to the ball bead low, today, LeBron to truly achieve the people’s expectations, he bravely take the shot Ball winner task rather than selecting the opportunity to a teammate or pass, he once again did former Jordan, Kobe had done those things. Moreover, this year’s playoffs, Lebron’s key ball efficiency is actually quite high, he cast a total of 6 in 50%, the hit rate reached 3, he is today a critical moment 12 cast 2 foreign plus hit 2 free throws to get 6 points. Key moments of the playoffs this season, scoring his only Bidige and Butler less 1 minute only ranked second, regular season when his key to the ball hit rate reached 43.7%. Today’s Lebron, absolutely no longer is the critical moment, soft foot crab".

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