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From the AFC to avoid relegation bodied lost Club previously thought that there was no danger – Sohu sports a match, elder brother hill said, don’t know why decimating always at the time towards the end of the game lost the ball? So this one, the team in the opening 6 minutes to throw the ball, or wood has people know why, so the essence of the game is the first 6 minutes of the game. Yes, forgot to say, this game, decimating 0 lost 1. Keywords 1 pendulum bus bodied round attack is already this season the most fluent excellent the, renatinho consecutive extraordinary is his character, but each round attack needs to face each other at least eight players in the penalty area defense, in the restricted area of the population density about the season when the pedestrian street are a spell. Keywords 2 penalty renatinho is violated, won a penalty, but Brazilians angle too persistent that ball mentioned post, R & F did not seize the equalized the opportunity. When it comes to penalty, Li Yan in the restricted area innocently handball, but also by the judges that foul, in sports Jun is ready to write the score 2-0, Cheng Yuelei saved the penalty. So heinous round two penalties, actually have not, and the game in the first half of perception similar are not fresh. " Keywords three relegation season from the AFC to avoid relegation bodied why lost into unsolved mysteries of the relegation zone originally sounded very far away, but when you see one eye standings, originally the relegation zone very close. 22 points, R & F ranking fifteenth, just in the downgrade area. Downstairs is 14 points of Shanghai Shen Xin, which is also the 3 of the R & F. And decimating the same points of Liaoning Hongyun, Tianjin TEDA, has dominated the outcome of the relationship, so the R & F in the back row. In fourth years, decimating the epoch-making experience a relegation zone, not white to super. Keywords the next round of 4 and then decline, done in one vigorous effort, three and exhaust. After the intermittent period, the opportunity to have a three R & F. The first drum gas, used in the home court against Changchun Yatai, the flat. Second drum gas, is on the road against Liaoning Hongyun, lost. Third drum gas, R & F in the home court against Jiangsu sainty, if still can not win, then it is likely to be downgraded bodied. Say something serious, relegation play? Before this round of the start of the game, at club level think bodied and no relegation danger, Huang Shenghua believes that before the derby in Guangzhou bodied three games will take on the game??? Against Liaoning Hongyun, Jiangsu sainty and Shanghai Shen Xin. After the Guangzhou Derby, in addition to Beijing Guoan this tough battle, decimating the opponent only Tianjin TEDA, Chongqing Lifan and Henan Jianye. Huang Shenghua said that in these games, fuli to at least get 3 wins 3 flat can safely avoid relegation, then get a better position. But this first is not difficult to bite the opponent, Liaoning, you can not bite down ah. Look at the next opponent (the following data as of the twenty-third round). Key battle @ home against Jiangsu sainty] opponents: 9 wins, 5 draws and 9 losses in 33 goals in 37 balls product] 32 points on a leg against the results: flat bodied home needs a victory.

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