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Guiyang rally ups and downs of the car A30 team team to take a group of double crown CRC sedan A30 team to pull the group double crown sina sports news June 2nd afternoon, 2015 Guiyang Hunan – China Auto Rally Championship (CRC) a successful conclusion. After the 9 stage of two days of sharpening, only 38 cars finished the race, the elimination rate of more than 50%. The competition is extremely fierce S2 group, JAC sedan A30 team with Hu Yun Fei Zhu Lei and Yu Chenglei Wangen get crown of second and third 16 points and eventually won the S2 group championship. After the 5 stage of the first phase of the Hu Yunfei group, finishing second, then 24 seconds behind the opponent. Therefore, Hu Yun Fei had planned tomorrow try to rush forward to catch, but not sure in time, can send a hope to upset the rhythm of the opponent, and their compression to make mistakes and reap the benefit. "Never thought ah, I just shunzui said, the results had come true. The world is really wonderful, I can only forward after a point, the first stage only after the ten seconds, the second stage only after the half, saw a to me more gratifying results. Now I get the results of the group 1, 3, and. This is exactly what we expected yesterday, and I hope that the next station will continue and I will continue to work hard." In Taiwan, Hu Yunfei for this war is very happy, even good luck. Due to the opponent and Deng Xiaowen both dropped out of the race, had to wait in the five lying work "the Yu Chenglei Wang Enche groups to postpone the promoted to third in the group, is the so-called" where is the friend’s home, not a waste of time. " When waiting for the car and Taiwan, Yu Chenglei summarized the harvest of the race: "this station is really troubled, Xiaowen failed to finish, we are bad a gearbox, in replacement of the time the evening post to, was also organizing committee fined 50 seconds, but fortunately, the back of the opponent is we pulled back far enough, so it’s okay not affect our results. Today’s result is very happy, Hu Yun Fei first station came to our team, we won a Grand Prix champion, which makes us very happy. Next stop we will continue to work hard." "Thanks for the effort, thanks to our maintenance team for the logistics and security. Guiyang station is a very difficult track, but we overcome all the difficulties, and finally to complete it." Yu Chenglei remember, in the history of CRC, Wan Yu Legion had created a "seven consecutive championships" of success, now Jianghuai Legion’s winning streak has reached the seven games. "Although today we have won the seven wins, but hard won victory, is not to say that we have the strength to win the match, we will also face the opponent more strong counterattack, so future races will still is more and more severe challenges. According to the characteristics of the Zhangye track, we go back and do more careful adjustment and preparation. Our seven winning streak can not be compared with other people, but it is still worth celebrating, after all, we are independent brands, to participate in the production group of games, in the modification and other aspects of the.

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