After the 80 of skills sex trio

80 in the era of reform and opening-up, childhood exposure to many old things, growing up in long and constantly learn new things, it can be said that they thought consciousness across two different stages. Because of this, after 80 to do anything all has the very unique insights, even sex also must innovate, wonderful, then the skills is of course not missing. Introduce below 80 belong to the " sex skills, make love trio " ".

the first: striking one snag after another pumping

first insert your Yin stem shallow, can try to let the shallow, side by side with your partner speak love, will spread her attention, when she was not looking, hurls a deep into the end, and then again a few shallow, and when she wasn’t looking, again a few deep. So, continued several times, your woman will yuxianyusi, flow straight down three thousand feet, doubt is her River Falls for nine days.

The second

: sucking breast woman

the woman’s nipple in her mouth, with the tip of the tongue lick nipples, according to her excitement can choose to use their teeth to bite the nipple. Never in her very clear nipple biting, more don’t bite, learn to bite together and lick.

if your partner is a women’s , his CUP is large enough, you can put two breasts woman to the center of the push, and then use the mouth also contain two nipple, so the high difficulty, strong stimulation techniques will let each other have hi turn the pleasure.

third: licking sensitive Yin by

Yin at the top of the pedicle of customers, is usually large Yin lip top package. You can use the hand gently opens, from down to up to lick. Lick around, pretend not to care of the way, with the tip of the tongue swept Yin pedicle, don’t be so hard.

to do this, you can make women with your Yin stem, but when you to lick her >

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