After the passion do not forget after gentle! Perfect sexual love needs skills!

  the party suffering from sexual intercourse can be spread through sexual contact with this kind of disease or pathogen. At this time, the patient of lesion, saliva, semen or secretions of pathogens while kissing, touching, hugging, especially when sexual intercourse, from damage or even complete mucosa, skin directly into of human . Sexual indulgence, sexual promiscuity, sexual relations outside of marriage, are inappropriate sexual contact. Improper sexual contact each other because both sides do not understand each other’s health , it is easy to become feculent sexual intercourse. Unclean sexual intercourse is the main way of sexually transmitted diseases.

live unclean hotel may be infected with

in condyloma acuminatum

of acuteness wet wart belongs to sexually transmitted diseases, but is not necessarily caused by feculent sexual intercourse, contaminated towels, toilet, bath and other health facilities are likely to become infectious pathway.

Wang three months ago on a business trip to Nanjing, and frequently wash bath in the hotel, after come back has been think genital uncomfortable, go to the hospital to check actually suffered from Condyloma acuminatum. Since there is no dirty sex, how to have the disease, has been plagued by Wang long. Wang is probably through the indirect way of being infected. So whether it is in a business trip or travel or accommodation,, should pay attention to the following 2 points.

1, should as far as possible not to use public bath towel, towels, shower the best choice when take a shower, do not use the bathtub. The bedpan, toilet seat can indirectly infectious STD , should make the necessary protection. Using public towels, underwear sauna, often lead to sexually transmitted infections, to be careful.

2, travel back, should make a careful cleaning and disinfection, down clothes should use boiling water soak time. Found to have suspicious symptoms, timely medical treatment, do further examination. In addition, tourism is very important in t.

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