Amphoteric Demystified a woman’s body area men don’t see

is what the place is so weird that we ignore it? Let us take you one one revealed

area: Black pinna do a finished beauty , the ear must clean and pretty shy index: 85%

from the maintenance of the attitude, not a sight for the net. The more can not see a place, the more careful maintenance, to prevent the flaw in the plan. For do not see their own ears, you may remember only clean out their ears, but forget the exposed ear.

area two: Acne riddled back to be a perfect girl, can’t have pocked Scabbers back shy index: 80%

Ming pox cure, dark pox hard, don’t be oneself can not see where his foot got caught. Long acne on the back, chest, because usually can not see, delay in treatment time, plus being clothes cover the ventilation, it is easy to cause hair follicle inflammation of the situation. Red blain blain, blain blain is full of black chest back, even if the body is again beautiful, also does not have the good fortune and beauty.

back Nurses’Station

exfoliating clean: take a shower when using body exfoliating products or with a body brush to do auxiliary, good clean hands to touch the back. Href= "rel= anti-inflammatory > make-up water: the market for acne skin design anti-inflammatory lotion, such as alcohol, salicylic acid and other ingredients, can inhibit oil secretion, calm skin convergence, but daily maintenance.

area three: two layer drying marks shy index: 70%

after a scorching summer sun baptism, two shoulders of two layer due to bask in mark to wear vest and appear, but perfect skin, absolutely don’t need two layers of shoulder bring do setoff, summer did not do a good job in sunscreen lessons come, but will remain in the body for a long time oh.

tan lines Nurses’Station

whitening exfoliating massage: in order to let the sun marks disappear earlier, daily massage can help blood circulation, promote The new supersedes the old.; regular exfoliating can make color uniform, whitening effect better absorption. Body: whether the smear body whitening lotion, or bubble Milk Whitening Bath, all can let the skin become luster methods, you can try. Sunscreen: sunscreen is the first step of the whitening, but also can resist skin aging steps.

area four: coarse wrinkles the joint to be a perfect woman, the joints will fine >

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