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Inter 40 million aid selected 7 debut with fans taunt Milan [goal] porous Biya’s breakthrough Ginobli Giroux pushes shoots the next city loading. & lt; & gt; sports Tencent hearing on June 23, after the completion of the transfer, inter 40 million aid hole doumbia officially unveiled, French beast waist chose the number seven shirt. At the headquarters of the Inter, porous Ethiopia with the Nerazzurri fans with "who do not jump is a classic plot of the Milan fans to taunt rivals. Inter aid hole doumbia debut to PK Milan grabbed porous Biya, inter to Monaco to pay the sum of 40 million euros transfer fee, French beast waist has also become a inter team history worth the highest player, behind Hernan Crespo and Vieri, higher than when Ronaldo’s worth. The hole tobiads today in Milan passed the examination, officially became the inter player. In Seville and Monaco hole doumbia wore No. 22, but Inter 22, belong to a lot, the France international chose a surprising number 7. After Figo, Quaresma, etc. have worn this number paccini. Porous Biya in inter headquarters to hold high the number seven shirt debut, and and Nerazzurri fans chanting "who do not jump is the Milan fans interact, and the scene was very warm. Even Shakespeare excited hole jump on high, accept the fans cheering. Previously in the bar of God with a move to AC Milan (microblogging to official data), the Rossoneri fans also used "who do not jump is Inter fans to taunt rivals. In Zambia hole transfer, inter Milan away abruptly from the mouth of prey, which makes the Rossoneri fans happy blue. As important signings in the way of inter revival, Mancini hole many Ethiopian high hopes, the France international also expressed hope to help inter return to the peak, "joined Inter Milan is a dream come true! When I was young, I saw the inter game on TV, and now I have become a part of this great team! I’m sure I’ll do whatever I can to help the team. Fans? They are really very warm and I want to repay them with good performance, Mancini? A week ago I talked with him, he trusted me, and I can not refuse to do the team like inter." (Kerlon) search

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