Any size of men’s most popular with women


            according to the Russian "anecdotal reports" reports, most men think, woman love man staring at the body part outstanding look, this is a man of a typical error. Women actually like angular square tall man, this must look out from the back to.


women lookfor rear ends

for the women of the world, man shape good hip is the most important man of parts. Why is that so? Said physiologist, gluteus let men have a direct impact on sexual contact, which means that the man had better reproductive opportunities, it is also an important indicator of sexual characteristics.

if a man in the morning and evening to do at least 30 rapid squat, they will create with super attractive buttocks.

as everyone knows, the woman likes high big big man, first of all, the woman knew the tall male is more likely to win, to compete in various psychologists pointed out that from the primitive society, this is a woman is always looking for the reason the perfect man child.

today, women are more like to be robust and strong runner or wrestler. Germany had conducted a large-scale study, found that only 15% of women, like chiseled no fat man. The doctor said, healthy human blood containing higher estrogen, it will protect them less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Estrogen also helps prevent blood clots.

according to statistics, the following figure the : women like

The more developed the

height 175-183 cm 150-180 pounds of muscle weight, better lines – lines must be better, to fine waist, abdominal muscles to obviously, ass to round to cross their legs not too thick or not too fine but be strong line is better, the shoulders should be broadly deltoid muscle to two head, obviously not too thick arms.

broad shoulders, round up the buttocks, thin and tall and straight waist of female’s most lethal.

Women look at men


first, height, girls generally see boys first glance will be overcome by one’s feelings attention boys height, she probably didn’t pay attention to your appearance, but the height is to leave her an impression, and this is the man of her dreams height line.


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