At different times to talk about sex

a few weeks later, I saw Mike and his two-year-old sister play in the backyard, Mike take a seed in the sister navel stamp. I shouted: "what are you doing?" Mike be very much puzzled by looked at me and said: "I want to my sister had a child, these I found the smallest seed." I feel helpless sigh, it seems that things were not as I imagined……

and Susala, many parents are to children for sexual knowledge education could not start. This is really the case? Let’s have a look, how children with different ages talk.

currently, USA of education on infants to adult sex enlightenment education before and puts forward a new method: let the parents and children standing on the same level, so that the children receive education in the exchange of information consciousness in the interaction. The details are as follows:

Step 1: get the

children’s "information"

in today’s society, as a child that is being good at answering questions parents is very important. Because, only to face such parents, children are willing to communicate with them, willing to accept the correct answer. Especially in the let the child confused "sex" issues, through communication, parents can truly understand the situation of children.

parents can get the children from the following aspects:


1, to understand children and sexual behavior, mood and attitude, need.

2, to judge whether the child is willing to accept and sex related issues.

3, select the appropriate way to communicate with children.

4, so that the child is convinced that this growth of their (growth) is normal.

5, predict the future to face the problem of child. Our company is a sign of the woman climax into the medical network home page, explore why women "frigidity from sitting can discern sexual desire, all kinds of psychological to lead your marital

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