AV actress be keenly aware of; make a woman desire immortal technique

readers are aware, "clitoris" is run. But in fact is not so simple Oh! In addition to the clitoris, is quite sensitive to there are many points, and even some secrets but also ordinary people do not know. A considerable research Uzuki Miss Yu in the following report disclosure of Secrets of heaven forbidden for your skills for the female body!

through the underwear to the female body do the clitoris caress, waist and thigh bone slightly stimulate acupuncture points, thus lets the person relax RELAX, not in a tense state. The clitoris gently rub, to be customers gradually overflow, along the crack up and down and scratched, rhythm to rub, it must make its customers more exudation, if this step is believed to have no defense, if be to attack the most sensitive clitoris front end, it will be easy to reach a climax or incontinence outflow!

in Oriental medicine knowledge, moderate acupressure is Shujin live bone, a knowledge is beneficial for the body metabolism. But in fact acupoint massage can not only this oh! In addition to the above effect, in the sex fun of ascension, and also post good catalyst. If coupled with moderate SM abuse, not only the woman will not feel pain, you can experience different sex pleasure.

if the pumping process will also hands joined the attack, will let the woman is more likely to reach a climax state. In addition to the traditional type of sex , still can be in play at new things, for example: spicy SM, anal sex… And so on, these are for the ordinary love process increases the pleasure.

circular motion, when the index finger and ring finger are not idle, placed on the on both sides of the vagina, three fingers at the same time for women is caressing, attack. In this way, will make the spring >

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