Bed female master of the sensitive area petting skills

the caress of scrotum

caressed the scrotum can also have a good stimulation effect, left and right testis will gently play, for stimulating the brain’s right testicular more to more gentle touch, will improve a lot of desire.

the caress of penis

touch the penis can really feel the immediate pleasure, especially in the glans, glans, is located in nearby crown crown near the penis zone, the three places called penis three vertices, gentle touch immediately detonate lust, if again the mouth or tongue licking, then men will be more pleasure.

as for caress will not forget that a main rod, though not by as much as three vertices of the penis so sensitive, but the gentle touch can have excited reaction.

and other sensitive parts of the touch

in the most direct site, try the ears, neck, chest and hips, etc., also can let he excitedly!

if you caress too sensitive and respond, if it is the passion of the response is of course good, but if because the touch position too sensitive and causes pain or discomfort, you should then gently caress, or change other parts. If the other side reaction too fast, and you do not intend to immediately sex , can slow down the pace, change from less sensitive place to start or stop the caress. By fits and starts, and stop type touch, hand can cool off sex, also can hang the other appetite, is also a good response method each other too sensitive.

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