Blatter although retort didn’t amount to much

Old campaign FIFA president is only empty fans: he had 5 votes to reporter Liu Chuan (microblogging) reported a month ago Blatter’s resignation, let his rival, Argentina legend Diego Maradona delight. Maradona was immediately to the outside world revealed his own willingness to FIFA supremo election, but after nearly a month, when the legend of the week in an American television screen, he seems to in charge of the FIFA become did not so keen. Maradona campaign of fear is Blatter Diego Maradona and talk always feud is quite deep, although the 2000 year old had from the hands of the Sepp Blatter took the award issued by the FIFA Player of the 20th century, but Maradona to the awards has never been any affection. In 2008, Blatter had said, the player is a slave of the modern football, which makes Maradona particularly unhappy, two people in the media fierce exchange of fire. Since then, Maradona will have a chance to attack all the words and deeds of Blatter through the media. The FIFA president, Blatter although retort didn’t amount to much, but according to Maradona’s complaint, the Swiss is not so generous, actually Blatter Yazi, has been in the dark to Argentina legend mischief. Maradona said: "he tried to stop me from going to Brazil during the world cup in Brazil, because I pulled off his disguise. After that he put pressure on the United Arab Emirates, not that the club and I signed up there, so I can not continue to teach. That’s what they told me!" In this case, see in May this year, Blatter seek re-election under the weight, Maradona again to him fired and open behind Blatter’s rival Prince Ali, is lashed out at the FIFA has become a "hotbed of corruption". In Blatter opted to give up power, jubilant Maradona through the media people in Uruguay Morales in June 22nd external claimed that his official campaign FIFA president. However, a month later, Maradona has no further comment on this matter. So when he received an interview with a local television station in the United States, the host will naturally not let go of the opportunity to ask about the progress of the matter. However, this is always straight talk from an honest man Maradona carefully conceal mentioning. He did not answer the question of the host, but some meaningful to say: "I really want to enter the FIFA world." However, although there is no clear whether the intention to run, but Maradona did not refuse to talk about the problem with the fifa. He claims he will not because Blatter’s downfall and stop fighting with the forces of the dark FIFA, "I must with those residues with FIFA’s Mafia to continue the struggle continues, must continue to crack down on those long in the FIFA pocketed forces." People of Maradona’s impassioned speech has become accustomed to, the Argentine legend, 54, only than it is now the most promising candidate Michel Platini 6 years younger. But to Maradona’s emotional character, he originally is not suitable for bojueyungui football politics involved, the campaign FIFA president may only talk of a towering pride. "Not to mention the last 140 members of the football association.

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