Both entwined ecstasy sex

              sex occasionally by some sex toy is really can make the process more interesting, sometimes playing a fierce point, will feel very exciting, very sensual. But if you play too much, such as wood, leather, or chains and so on, maybe to some people too much! Sometimes, if not very good physical condition, to play into the hospital is possible!

              learning many sex tips, why don’t you try the following one one ecstasy sex, use the tools to make you crazy!

: oral sex when the waist down some delicious food although tasty food can with fantasies together, but if the food is not clean clean, ran to the nearby > the vagina, it will cause the bacterial infection.

sexy with drops of warm wax: if oil is too hot, it may adhere on your nipple, or your inner thighs, and then leave a scar.

a gun: in public places in the park sex did not in fact so stimulate your imagination. Process you may constantly worried about being other people coming and going to see, cause you can’t concentrate in sexual love.

surely you think of talking about sexual techniques in each journal proficiency so. You Is it right? Have heard of what is "caudal itching art"? Fortunately, sex expert constantly bring forth the new through the old, no matter is the R & D the spanking new way, or improve our sex skills. If you can in the original skilled sex skills, plus a little ingenuity, change some small tricks, so new feelings will make sex more wonderful. The >

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