Boys and girls first kiss skill

Boys kiss reading:

the following 10 male is recognized as a "killer", a complete Pro people will absolutely do not want to come again. Quickly check their own have the following problems, do not accidentally become the eyes of others

KISS Terminator!

1, a vacuum cleaner: kissed when the suction in this manner, it was almost as if swept the health of the vacuum cleaner, vigorous, great movement. Such people are the best rare as the Miao, who is willing to contact and a vacuum cleaner?

2, Vampire: such people do not know is ischemia or sick? That will be relentless bite each other’s lips love, until the other side bleeding mouth to bite. Such people do not need a lover, but a toy can be used to biting.

3, lion big openings: when he open his mouth, you have to think: his goal is your mouth, or your nose, forehead and visceral?

4, scavenger: these people kissing like scavenger, but he is not the broom tool, but your tongue! He’ll dish slag thoroughly to help you clear the mouth, if you like to search carefully each other in your mouth, then he is your ideal lover.

5, drooling slob: face are each other’s saliva, thought feel nausea, if your lover is of this type, remember to wear long sleeved clothing, or simply with a towel to wipe the saliva stained.

6, plunge into the beard: bearded, looks very masculine, but ran into his arms, enough you.

7, big snag: if you imagine what it is like to kiss the bars, is not difficult to imagine the people and do my kissing is what feeling.

8, wood: this person did not respond, boring, you will find the mirror than he was warm and cute.

9, as slippery eel: his tongue move very quickly, you don’t know then it will move to where? But you will think it best to stay in their mouth, so you take a breath.

10, marathon kiss: this man a kiss up, it takes a while, do not kiss a few hours, won’t stop "mouth". However, even Romeo and Juliet passion smooches, also stopped to eat and sleep ah, you said Is it right??

girl kiss must read:

you must first understand this fact: when the two exchanges into the first kiss stage, there must be a bit shy, awkward, unnatural, if not, it is not the first kiss. However, there is the following several principles, can make this dream always follow.

1, remain calm: many people are looking forward to their first kiss, like the movie "Titanic" DiCaprio and the female lead in general is so warm. In fact, the more care, <

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