Breaking the restricted area to couple hot sex

follow the same pattern of sex is really very angry, although also can get a bit of sexual pleasure, but mechanical repetition make sex change there is no joy of life. Between husband and wife only often change sex, and then come in a little new factors to get each other sex more hot, more passion.


intercede libidoContinuous

sex words has aphrodisiac magic. Couples know each other’s feelings, preferences and desires through verbal communication, keep the harmonious interaction of the body during sex, thus greatly enhance the pleasure of sex. During sex, and say what you feel will make sex greatly improved.

A little body collision

so far, there is no universal aphrodisiac. True aphrodisiac medicine is delicate limb and Brain

fantasy sex

the brain is of human is the most powerful organ, it has the ability to let us enjoy sex at any time, place. Sexual fantasies through the brain, can let us get rid of bondage sexual habits, try to stimulate and experience new. Fantasy is helpful for us to be absorbed in our own sexual responses, enhanced sensory experience, stimulate the brain to more actively participate in sex, releasing hormone enhance excited ability.

development of fresh local



sensitive to each other

for man worship. Men than women can more easily, more quickly get excited and achieves

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