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normal girl 8 years old areola started to increase, black. The 9 year old nipple development, 15-17 years of age of breast development for adult size. If the 17 year old girl to flat chest still belongs to the sick.

The reason

breast dysplasia:

1, the embryo breast tissue dysplasia, affect later breast hyperplasia, but normal ovarian function, vulva, pubic hair development is good;

2, ovarian function dysplasia, the secretion of estrogen and progestin reduce breast tissue, due to the lack of enough hormone is stimulated and the influence of the development of. These girls except breast flat, often associated with hypomenorrhea or amenorrhea and other symptoms. The above two categories of breast dysplasia after sexual activity, pregnancy and lactation, the breast can be increased, and produce milk

3, due to maintain weight, size, over the control diet, in body weight decreased significantly at the same time, breast development is also affected by the. Some girls bra, will also limit the development of breasts.

Treatment of

breast dysplasia:

1, strengthen nutrition: increased intake of protein (protein food) with fat and amount, make a breast and subcutaneous fat increased, the breast will obviously development;

2, strengthen take exercise, like push ups, chin up exercises, pectoralis major muscle increases, make the breast appears uplift;

3, massage and suck the nipple; the opposite sex massage and the baby suck the nipple secretion, can stimulate the endogenous hormones, increase blood circulation, help breast augmentation;

4, drug: menstrual cycle fifth days, every 3 days of intramuscular injection needle 2 mg estradiol benzoate, a total of 7 needles, last menstrual cycle of 5 days, the daily and 20 mg of progesterone intramuscular injection needle, a total of 5 needles. 3-4 cycles. This method can be also the treatment of hypomenorrhea and amenorrhea;

5, adolescence can be worn fake breast, adult can be breast plastic operation.

can breast enhancement food:

1 papaya, fish, meat and milk and other protein rich foods, can breast.

2 soybeans, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame and corn and other seeds and nuts, chest health food effective, may wish to eat.

3 orange, grape, grapefruit and tomatoes and other foods containing vitamin C, can prevent deformation of the chest.

4 celery, walnut and red kidney beans and other foods containing vitamin E, to help develop the chest.

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