but also to make the fastest lap. One month in Barcelona

Hamilton: if you lose the Champions League rather than lose other drivers and non Hamilton Rosberg do not want to lose to Rosberg sina sports news Beijing time June 30th news, F1 defending champion Hamilton said he did not want to fall behind in this year’s championship standings Rosberg, despite the same as his teammates, but he did not want to see Rosberg won the championship of the year. When a guest at the famous Graham Norton Show (Graham the), Hamilton admitted that last year to face the challenges of Rosberg, he experienced the most intense competition, and ultimately won the championship. Although the one in 2014 that is burning the dangerous relationship has been repaired a lot, but if you lose the champion, Hamilton would rather lose to other drivers, rather than Rosberg. "It’s a tough one." Hamilton explained, "we are in a team, the two drivers work together to win the team to win points, and get the team champion. But from a personal point of view, we all want to win, so we want to beat each other. I should have said that if I can’t win, I hope my teammates will win, but that’s not the way it is." Last week Rosberg after winning the Austria Grand Prix, with the remaining gap Hamilton 10 points. Last week in the Austria red bull ring track to continue the quarter of the test, Rosberg also seize every opportunity to participate in the second day test run a total of 1176 laps, but also to make the fastest lap. One month in Barcelona, the test run, Rosberg also did not slack. Derek Warwick, outspoken British Racing Club President Drake – Warwick, Hamilton to give up all test the opportunity is very strange the. Spanish Grand Prix in Rosberg three stations and two crowns, total this season races only than Hamilton less a, though, and whether the test there is no absolute relationship, but at least the attitude, Rosberg to something more positive. "Hamilton didn’t find the rhythm at the Austria Grand Prix this weekend, and it was a bad start, so I wanted to remind him of the British Grand Prix." Huawei told Sky Sports News said. (Sina car)

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