By the male on the evolution of the 5 new posture

The general situation of

, sex in sex position basically in the male on the main href=, of the upper male male by aggressive stance, while the women using the most natural passive position position. But with the passage of time, sexual positions also have certain change, at this moment, on the male body position has evolved into one of the following new sex positions.


variant 1

women’s open lower limbs, feet hooking the male feet, then use the thigh will male lower extremity to the inside of the hook, so that the foot is more open to the outside, so that " vaginal easy to shrink.


variant 2

women will stand up, if the female will lower leg hook from inside to outside, then a higher degree of genital contact, the vagina also enhanced contractility. This position is the stimulation of female sex organs in the upper position.


variant 3

women will leg elevation, combined with such a deeper degree the female sexual organ, the upper part of the stimulus is stronger.

position does not apply to the patience and the pursuit of the female clitoris pleasure.

as for the three rent pedicle and vaginal combining angle, which is the best, because of the different female sexual positions and different, but the most frequently.


variant 4

women will foot splay open, let the men placed in between the waist.

this is a variation of the 1 position without leg hook, this position is also suitable for the wedding, in addition, also is male in the basic prototype for sex movement posture, known as the "holy position", just because of lower limbs, no output hook, so the force of contraction vaginal will drop too low.


variant 5

is the variant 4 feet elevation, position of more cross in the male shoulder posture. Therefore become the vulva by combination of projections feeling deep down organ, while the

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