Can hold the sexual pleasure enjoy the synchronization delay climax


synchronization enjoy is the climax, harmony, so when the pleasure to be can hold you waiting, madam.

What can

hold the pleasure? See:

, after entering, it is best to avoid doing before and after exercise, that would give strong stimulation of the penis. But should do oppressed, stimulation of female pleasure, and timely to caress the clitoris.

two, mild male insert, is also a feasible way.

three, if the male is in patients with premature ejaculation, must be radical. Although no one specified in sex must be in a few minutes above, but " fall before the door " or under two or three ejaculation person, always be unqualified. Premature ejaculation causes if

four, when sexual intercourse, must repeatedly interrupted, not continuous. In order to avoid female excitement abate, hands can stimulate the clitoris around.

five, if >

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