Can let you around sex positions

want to life let your woman on their great praise, you need to learn from the need the following love posture.

side posture

Another gesture of

male favorite is a side, each other do not need the weight imposed each other, men can be inserted from the front or rear.


did not have to bear the weight of each other, so it is suitable for use in tired, this is a just a touch will be able to enjoy the fun of proper posture, can long time to maintain the posture can enjoy the fun, both men and women, in all this method can be used when you are tired.

but the drawback is the insertion depth is shallow, and unable to obtain sufficient stimulation.



can be used when the husband tired sitting before another is. Face to face for men and women, men sit down out of the legs, ", female above the men spread across the thighs, embraces each other.

this is the skin on both sides to do a comprehensive contact, therefore stimulate very strong, two people can chat face to face, " sex activity to do by women, men just keep the same position on it. In this case, the men put his hands behind back, completely by the women’s movement, when the Yin insert stem Yin, women in male hands, spurring the other approach is adopted to improve the buttocks of the law.

men’s hands behind, mercy women’s situation, there is always a feeling of not enough, at this time the women put men behind, feet stretched forward or backward bending action make combination, easy to stimulate increased so we can achieve greater pleasure.

and in such a position, because the center line Yin intersects the stems and the Yin channel, the female slightly backward, like pole fell, can give men an oppressive stimulation, and the fatigue disappears, intense pleasure.

Sitting posture

this is a male sitting, hands placed on the back, back to the men women sitting on a posture. < >

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