Can prolong the sexual long wear thickened condoms

only found a solution to extend the sex time, your will be truly harmonious sexual life.

is wearing a thick sleeve

is often because of genital ejaculate too sensitive to stimuli, so can choose thicker condoms, to reduce the stimulation of the glans, so it can be make the male can persist longer.

master the technique of

the correct sexual techniques can effectively prolong sex time, in drawing and inserting process to do a combination of speed, the depth alternate, not blindly energy-saving, this waste of energy, and can not insist on too long time; to try to maintain a comfortable posture sex, don’t let the genitals by the strong extrusion; sex process can change by changing posture, efforts to transform the stimulation site.


a lot of food have strong kidney function, such as animal liver, shrimp, seaweed, garlic, spinach, usually appropriate to eat these foods can improve the quality of sex, but also nourishing the kidney protection.


improve the physical quality is improve the quality of sex from the fundamental solution, especially men, strong physique for the durable sex through the power, to avoid the occurrence of insufficient situation, the best is beneficial to improve the sex of the amount of exercise is running and swimming, can effectively exercise the leg part and waist strength; in addition, adhere to a half – hour squat Bu every day, and for doing 50-100 a squat down stand up, obviously on the Gujing kidney strong effect.

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