Caress husband passion open sexual interest

          difference between men and women is the man sexy belt is located in the surrounding organ, especially the > the penis is sexy, dense, but male belt if by women inspired, also gradually becomes throughout the body. Due to women’s lips and tongue caress, originally did not feel of the site, will be a sexy belt.

            sex and love is closely related, is not as common as people speak only in the genital around. All men and women are the same, whether in quality or quantity are not separately. Although God put people into men and women, but this cannot be separately, so women should also be more efforts to develop the husband sexy belt.

          to the development of the existing female erogenous zones of many different research report, the report of the male aspect is quite small, but to know men is the same, as long as it can take effect in women can be applied to men. Stimulate the female sexy belt is mainly from the sense of touch, as do men, must carry out body contact and caress, kiss.

      to kiss the lips began, that side of the head, chest, thigh, nipple, tiptoe so far. The body should be used to complete the lips and tongue, finally to kiss the lips that organ, by implementing the erogenous zones of stimulation, known as the "licking her," men because women licking her gradually inspired and become sensitive erogenous zone. The wife of her husband’s genitals to caress and kiss the lips, eyes, head, flank. Common can increase male sex appeal.

      male love conquer women’s psychology is very strong, on the contrary, women love is deep and caressing the expectation is also very strong. Genital caress husband wife, with dry techniques touch is the biggest taboo, must be gentle and warm, also really wetting, all in all to have a hand like

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