Caressing skill combustion fire of love

sexy and love is closely connected to the so-called erogenous zones, is to stimulate the sensitive parts, and easy to cause sexual excitement, but is not as common as people speak only in the genital around. The female erogenous zones throughout the body, the most obvious is the only one to let oneself beloved male contact, whole body each spot will feel. Men and women are different, men sexy belt located around the organ, especially the penis is sexy, dense, but the male sexy belt if inspired by women, have gradually become throughout the body.

caressing skill combustion fire of love

          because of women’s lips and tongue caress, originally did not feel of the site, will be a sexy belt. Give the man the implementation of systemic caress, contact and kiss, the desire to live to die feeling will let him "to continue to move forward, always enjoy it". If you can put the whole process took, you will become him "the most beautiful memory".

from the beginning of men who kiss the lips, so that the side of the head, chest, thigh, nipple, tiptoe so far. The body should be used to complete the lips and tongue, finally to kiss the lips that organ, by implementing the erogenous zones of stimulation, known as the "licking her," men because women licking her gradually inspired and become sensitive erogenous zone. The wife of her husband’s genitals to caress and kiss the lips, eyes, head, flank. Common can increase male sex appeal.

to understand the biological clock of the man, the need to spend some time to find the limit of his endurance, and every man has a "personality", usually when he temporarily stopped breathing becomes more rapid, or from previous moaning state instead become silent, you can notice issued by his body’s signals, and summarizes his climax prelude to reflect the physiological.

male love conquer women’s psychology is very strong, on the contrary, women love is deep and caressing the expectation is also very strong. Women in the male genital fondling, with dry techniques touch is the biggest taboo, must be gentle and warm, also really wetting, all in all to have a hand like the vagina or mouth soft. And with warm and tender tactics to stimulate the male sexy with the most sensitive part, which is to be on the inside of the glans and penis parts to gentle stimulation.

on the men’s sexy belt to stimuli, in addition to the tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory and so on, and also plays an important role in. Men sexy belt as much as women, by stimulating and gradually development, therefore to the female touch, friction, etc. can rediscover nibble pleasure lies.

mood caress with beautiful melody accompaniment, can improve the husband’s sexual desire. Provocative music and like fire groan rhythm, plus the husband whispers in the ear and so on, all this than by only caresses to pleasure, in effect to be better.

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