Recapture the electric Ma Ma sex

sex Fu, pre marital experience and marriage experience gap is widespread, men and women are the same, but the women’s experience is more apparent. Investigate its reason, have objective, also have subjective.

Objectively speaking,

is the love and marriage gap. Love is the interaction of male and female sexual gratification, gender differences. Foreplay as forbidden fruit is full of temptation. Leaving aside such as hugging, kissing like passionate caress, even if i

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Men after ejaculation how to touch a woman

ejaculation after up, then pick up the wife herself sitting cross legged on the let his wife lying in his leg, such as flat zither like; this stretch posture, the sensitivity of the most women easy to feel the clitoral stimulation, then again as long as gently with both hands, one hand holding down the clitoris front-end skin pull forward make the clitoris to, a hand gently on the lubricating liquid friction clitoris as circular periphery touching, not from one to two minut

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Woman killer readme sex position 10 mya.

1, > sex posture pleasant Du Huan

this is a very common posture, is I stand husband kneel or sit on the floor, directly under my kiss. This position requires the woman with the action, in order to achieve a sense of mutual stimulation, such as touching his of the breast. But because the standing posture causes my vaginal orifice is closed, even if he uses the hand to open are not as close as I lay the private parts to open completely

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Amphoteric Demystified a woman’s body area men don’t see

is what the place is so weird that we ignore it? Let us take you one one revealed

area: Black pinna do a finished beauty , the ear must clean and pretty shy index: 85%

from the maintenance of the attitude, not a sight for the net. The more can not see a place, the more careful maintenance, to prevent the flaw in the plan. For do not see their own ears, you may remember only clean out their ears, but forget the exposed ear.

area two: Acne riddled back to b

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Using active fresh sense of Poker

if you

sex game not only exciting, also can make you both sexual excitement. If you old foreplay and ever after a taste of the climax tired, might as well as it adds some new ingredients. Friends can try the following small game, so that their life always keep the passion and touching.

poker to call you and your partner’s excited about the role of There is nothing comparable to this.

if you are seek to prevail over others heart, love will be te

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How to control the duration of climax

      for women, " as the climax is an unattainable peak, there is the best, not enough to make sex pale; and man’s orgasm while easier, but also early, late May not, because they represent the climax of

      teach a man how to control the climax time

the body to relax

to relax the leg and hip muscles. During sex, ejaculation is controlled by the PC muscle, then, hip and thigh muscles are tense.

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The 7 kind of change warning bed and lack of experience

one day, a man drunk wine, drunk to go home, he saw the wife put a sign on the refrigerator in the refrigerator Dried tofu: tofu ", on the table, in my bed……" The man didn’t understand "profound meaning in my bed", the result below write a sentence "I’ve eaten outside" scribbled to sleep, don’t know how to be ablaze with anger by reeky wife. Later, they gradually because of the heart there is no way to a thought and simply part company each going his own way

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Let a woman for twenty minutes of foreplay


adjust to changing circumstances

don’t think you those who let the other girls. The recruit type two, equally effective in front of her! Not only the woman and the woman each are not identical, even the same woman also with different mood and atmosphere have different needs. Learn to observe the form and flexible is the leading experts "dominance" of the martial arts essence.

If have be like without

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Insertion depth effects; ejaculation time

when the woman lying and to the penis. Therefore, vagina and penis is not easy to close. Male penis may slightly lie down toward the vaginal opening, assist lubricating plus love liquid, it can be smoothly inserted.


can’t find a vaginal position, men can try to imagine the penis site slightly below the exploration, and then his fingers slowly move up and can be inserted into the glans penis. An inexperienced person, with a finger to confirm th

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3 the best way to kiss to let her enjoy

          a new study has found that the quality of how to kiss, will decide how to development of love. At the same time, the research also pointed out that the men and women of different attitudes to kiss, hope to get the feeling of not the same; compared with the male were more likely to transition the kiss as further affectionate, sometimes used to with his girlfriend and.

          found in the United States Alb

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29 years is the golden age of 7 criteria for the identification of men of ability

man life ability can be divided into 5 stages, of which, 29 years old start, at this stage the most charming golden age 38 years old, called the sex .

1, out of control period (18 years ago)

man for sex attention is from the beginning of puberty arrives after. Which part of the body in hibernating years later, finally can not stop recovery. The pain is, no matter what time what place, it could suddenly erection. This has happened even in thin clothes in summer, is

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The five new company

            if you have for his own life techniques have the confidence, so from now on you will once again be cycle to the point of confidence. This is because the new techniques has been released, you that a set has been eliminated!


vagina mouth

affectionate look at the pressure in your body under the woman, will own JJ posted on the woman’s vagina, and then you

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Let nun crazy sexual foreplay tips

          1, win the trust of

          on the psychological level, " in women feel a sense of security and a sense of trust, to be the body entrusted to partner. Investigation shows, at the beginning of the sexual behavior, about 48% of women do not want to, but in the partner’s offensive melting tenderness, the last 80% of women intoxicated. male from pleasing women gain a sense of achievement, the thrill of co

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Women moan ever technique

hi! First of all I would like to those willing to women’s of oral men express my respect, because it is people like you who is too small. Please believe, I can not only say this woman. Moreover, even if some men are willing to do so, but either the old-fashioned way is single, or miss the point, so perhaps this article can help to you. When a woman finds a superb oral skills will feel like a man, be overwhelmed with joy as found Salomon treasure, she will not easily give up the man.

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Real high realm let her come three times in ejaculation

in women is usually not easy to adjust their breathing, will feel out of breath soon as love, that women to experience shortness of breath to the male < /u> said he had reached the . Men after a certain amount of training will be free breath control, in addition to violently piston movement, to encourage women to ejaculation emergency control myself, this technique is male patent. Through the regulation of male of respiration to extend the sex

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Let the penis becomes hard and strong sexual techniques

              in 2002 the British "Observer" poll showed, compared with the past ten years, the people of love 8 times, 71% of the people are satisfied with life , self feeling of bad performance accounted for only 5%; at the same time, the respondents considered the most important amphoteric relationship is trust, followed by communication, good sex in the third row. To improve the quality of sex, and people dare

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Six kinds of special posture to boost the female orgasm


1, flexion significant magical powers — to help you live BB

this is a position that is most suitable for a marriage to pregnant of you, because the use of flexion vaginal < /u> is nearly vertical, but also with deep, so like ejaculation, semen into the test tube of water not overflow; in addition, this kind of body posture for some postpartum vaginal relaxation women start, is also healing.

The correc

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Easy pregnancy and climactic sexual positions

from the front intersection, this kind of love , is also a kind of love the most basic way, is also a kind of love making unique to humans. Say it is the most basic sex is sex because there are many methods, but generally can be divided into two categories, namely, from the front or the back surface. All positive overlapping love making is the evolution from the lovemaking to. Say it is a kind of sex style unique, because other animal never positive overlapping manner.


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Practical tips to help women experience multiple orgasms

first of all to remember is: the key to success in the heart that you!

yes, you. "No mind" will help you reach run. Learn to abandon distracting thoughts: the work at hand, the children, on the body of various uncertainty and apprehension, ashamed to "be completely informal", too care about the other half of the feelings etc..

to do this, you can first try "self climax". Reading porn, yellow magazine, or rent of adult film. Look at t

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A simple 4 strokes to make her first comfortable live

          most of the time, before the first love people usually don’t know women psychological will have how tangled. In fact, in addition to the first intersection before, as long as men understand some comfort women simple skills, may your virginity will progress very smoothly.

          stroking her scalp, this is the beginning of

electric shock

          many women said, when a man’s fin

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Straight beat to practice sex flirting law

wants to know about flirting skills, experience the perfect love life? And to love again. Ll start, are you ready?

, the geographical exploration

1, interpretation of the body map

dentist not to be loved, more and more people but recently to dentists interested, because they found with acupuncture pressing one called the P-6 part can effectively eliminate the dentist to explore, in patients with oral agitation caused discomfort.

this p

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Passion hot sexual strategy

      sex romance and passion, although with the beloved love is a most delightful thing, but if it is always unchanged, will inevitably lose freshness.



face she lay down (or sit), legs straight, seized her by the shoulders or waist with both hands side. You can easily understood, or up and down, left and right or draw arc different posture, transform into the point of stimulation, women may therefore unlimited imagi

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Women’s sex tips

      hypersensitive with

      even for a woman used to see the carcass of man, woman undress oneself also is full of temptation. It was beautiful petals peel the layers in the pistil, and like a skilled craftsmen in the production of a beautiful work of art, in the eyes of men, women undressed. With not only for man’s trust, more make the men get a secret pleasure alone to enjoy.


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Men and women are most afraid of what married life process

, a fear of suspicion, provoke the scourge of

Liu Jun is the operations director for a company, young and handsome, engage in public relations methodical, strong ability, often sent him on a business trip, which made his wife rather worry, fear of a face handsome he outside the other woman seduced to. So, the wife has taken the following active prevention "measures" against him: on the one hand, when Liu to travel before the trip is always active, love, its meaning

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Boys and girls first kiss skill

Boys kiss reading:

the following 10 male is recognized as a "killer", a complete Pro people will absolutely do not want to come again. Quickly check their own have the following problems, do not accidentally become the eyes of others

KISS Terminator!

1, a vacuum cleaner: kissed when the suction in this manner, it was almost as if swept the health of the vacuum cleaner, vigorous, great movement. Such people are the best rare as the Miao, who is willing to contact and a va

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Using drugs during pregnancy should also

  today, with the popularization of medical knowledge,
female friends all know, in pregnancy and lactation medication should pay special attention to. However, for the use of topical drugs, some people don’t pay too much attention on.        

      relevant data shows that, women should also be used with caution during pregnancy external medication, because of some external medicine can be absorbed through the skin into blood, cause fetal

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Passionate sex guide must know the techniques of shock

for love the master, stimulation, customers is the most cool, especially for senior lathe worker, they believe in the bedroom have sex than have sex at the table, making love than sex in a hotel room in the house, in a building in sex than exciting car.

however, in this particular case sex need high-end skills, otherwise it will only the scenery. This recommendation several techniques in the car will know, I hope everyone can refer to the reference.

the first ste

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When making love, in this posture, to prevent premature ejaculation!


Chinese medicine, on premature ejaculation and a variety of factors, mainly related to deficiency (kidney, heart, spleen deficiency and dampness heat of liver and gallbladder) relationship is most closely.

from the position can be controlled premature ejaculation, the man how the woman sex more crazy? A comfortable to bits and shallow into the mode, to prevent premature ejaculation, and let female palm leading men, to reduce the amount of

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3 campaign style white-collar workers will learn sex.

as a white-collar, usually busy work has let us feel tired. But back home in the evening, in order to completely relax. Enjoy between husband and wife sex , let the whole room full of sweet and warm. However, when the usual sex skills have been used when you over and over again, will also feel tired? Here, small make up to recommend three " motion " method; sex, let your sex passion.

push up type sex

you may fancy countless times, what kind of sport has

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Autosuggestion let a woman orgasm faster

experts to do three months follow-up survey of a set of 34% > women, said in her boyfriend and intimate, if fantasy beach, blue sky, clouds and other natural scenes,

women love romance, the woman in the bed of the "self suggestion" stronger than men

1 "autosuggestion" let a woman

run faster

most women love romance. The therapist says, woman in bed "autosuggestion" better than men. Experts do 3 months follo

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In two ears and desires often is not only between the legs

life is human’s treasure, is a worthy thing to enjoy and aftertaste. The sexual life between husband and wife occupy a large part, to each other’s pleasure we should know more about how to make each other more desire, climbed the peak of love.

is now the city of serious, life stress, between husband and wife sex life more and more casual and boring. This time, we need to learn how to stir up each other’s desires.

the desire comes from where?

desire often exists i

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Two pregnant not easily sexual positions

              watch the romantic love of film and television works in the couple, often have a strong nature of

what position is not easy to conceive? Standing is generally considered the most fertile coital position. Since the in female genital prolapse, > the vagina mouth open, after intercourse drew most of semen with the penis and outflow in vitro, pregnancy rate is extremely low. Then the sea

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Do not erect can enter love skills

          in fact, love not necessarily must let the Y stem fully erect, sometimes in half hard half soft state can also be

          here you pay how incomplete erection can love .

          sexual intercourse before

          you may wish to adopt sitting face to face sexual positions and in women, because it is more appropriate than the normal posi

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Narrator asexual marriage behind the deception

The trick

asexual marriage

I was married to him for ten years, age is not small, our children four years old.


pregnant he refused to have the life of husband and wife and I, asexual marriage for several years, at first is sick children work pressure big, I was not interested in it.

the past two years, I have been concerned about why he told me asexual, asked him why, he says it is a health condition.

these years, he used to

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How postpartum sex muscle exercise

and my husband and I were married for more than 6 years, most of the day is spent in the sweet. He is 4 years older than me, very considerate. For the "pleasure thing, his strong desire, is also very good at stimulate me to" sex ", I also respond to him with more enthusiasm, with two people although not perfect, but also feel very harmonious and happy.

last year I gave birth to a fat boy, do episiotomy, although various aspects of postpartum body recovery is good, bu

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Tips for making your woman ejaculation refers to work

placed a towel on the bed, liquid more to produce ‘s amazing ejaculation. Compared with the male is like a water cannon and a water pistol.

prepare some lubricant, while women can achieve super excited and high tide, still need to prepare some of the.

prepared with sufficient time, the first successful ejaculation may need 10 to more than an hour.

this a few days ago the many activities of the activities your hands, fing

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Give erotic surprise; you’d feel different.

sex should be exciting, not because the familiar or comfortable and fall into the habit of always the same. Sometimes change — small example from bright became dark — enough to incite in your contact in the sexual spark.

try in both of you have not thought about the local love , ensure that


sex what place you in, may be more than you how, can let your lover excited. Even in another room sex of your home, or in a crowded room

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The best time to husband and wife love you know

: not what the morning before work than before the meeting of the " " sex look attractive. love skirt, save time.

expert analysis: the work of a carefree sex can help reduce stress, refreshing, increase self-confidence, but before sex must be rested, foreplay can be appropriate to omit, should allow enough time, so as not to always worry about work.

midnight car: try a different location and scene for life extra " " s

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A practical method for 10 prolong sex time

          1, change the time intercourse. People in general will be life in the evening, but if you change them during waking, physical fatigue has been lifted, energetic, chew a piece of gum flirt, believe that intercourse quality will be improved.

        2, reduce the as soon as possible in order to climax, the satisfaction of both parties.

        3, strengthen the couple thought

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Sex toys can ease the pressure of the icing on the cake

culture exhibition, pornography diagram generic male root, the pressure on the bottom of a variety of materials, and a variety of oscillator, modern new contraceptive sets, lubricant, show China’s rich culture.

domestic survey found that Chinese people in at least 10% of the people suffering from a variety of different degrees of of function disorder, more than 50% of the of life . So, with the majority of women to this problem, and disco

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The young married woman oral sex may December 3 Tips


usually we will be concerned not the young man sex , is the elderly between sexual technique. Little attention is like between us this the old wife love skills.

age men and women after marriage sexual relative harmony, but now this time life pressure, the choice of a marriage of various other factors also have to consider a lot of the time, more and more girls choose the bigger than oneself more men as a husband.

the first one: use your mouth

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Sexual life lack 7 things

Chinese couples since ancient times about "each other, treat each other with respect". Marriage experts point out that, compared with the foreign couple, Chinese marriage easily missing the following 7 things. If you pay more attention, more investment, marriage can become more harmonious, beautiful.

for all to see. Chinese couples most shy, feel "intimacy" is the sticky performance. But the study shows, hug, kiss intimate expression of the ac

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Change the environment to make sex moments reproduce passion

change the environment around us, we sex might moment you want to be good passion!

He helped put set of

in sexual process, in order to effectively contraceptive , US must is necessary for condoms . But you know what? In the same love , the same is wearing a condom, but in different ways, the sex of the results may have the difference between heaven and earth.

occasionally one day, you need to know to help a man to put on a

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Hand skills, inhibition of premature ejaculation and full of pleasure

Inhibition of

and premature ejaculation pleasure full hand skills

a lot of premature ejaculation men , in fact, as long as with the other half of the gentle hand, slowly as he does stimulate, gently from the the root of penis, the up and down sliding, the first light and heavy, will let him can not resist. Hand also has to the treatment of premature ejaculation effect, hand and stroking and as oral sex, it is best to take a gradual.

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You know what, conquer the woman with the tongue tips

fact, kiss with tongue heterosexual genital, fun, not a human invention. All the female animal in estrus, genital area will secrete pheromones to attract males approached, and let the male contact the female reproductive organs, mouth to play for a while, before the beginning of mating. Humanity is the same, " male . Near

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8 new sex tips to make sex more crazy

in life , we don’t just limited to their own instincts of the so-called " sex skills in or sex technology. The instinct of the things we learned without teacher, but the effect is not necessarily good. So, learn to innovation, innovation in the Don’t kiss each other


cold sores on the mouth is a herpes. They and the is a different genus of genital herpes, but if when your mouth on the students the herpes of oral , then the

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The positive energy! Dull husband and wife passion sex tips

is the focus of legal sexual life way in life of husband and wife, both men and women have the right and obligation of " sex . The survey shows Chinese on average every 3 days will be a time sex. Such a high frequency, sex will become more and more boring. Long days, how to maintain the harmonious sex, let sexual vitality?


containing oral sex

expert advice, can contain a piece of ice in the mouth kissing or oral sex. Will not be too cold?

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The 7 recruit sex must collection delivery

            skills collection big run, remember the following 7 points love seven strokes, you can reach her the bed, leading to her heart, into a disadvantage.

            concentration of

some people will stop thinking other irrelevant things in in the brain of sexual intercourse; remember, your partner is feeling particularly strong animal, she must perceive your dist

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Seven personal details to expose a woman’s sexual interest

1, real hip the most playable:

strong upward ass is indicative of good she certainly can play with you all night. On the contrary, if her buttocks flat, which shows that she is a lazy one, the Shu no request for sexual, and there will be a lot of men and women under the traditional love missionary, she even has may not be able to go to see the doctor first to for some difficult

sex skills!

2, the sexy :

do not say not to know, a woman’s

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Keep women hi 4 oral sex.

if we introduced before the milk into the method already let you feel shocked, so today 163 health net to bring all of the "

lock lip type

uses your lips, gently took her labia majora holding together. Then, between the inner and outer labia labia run your tongue. So, every time lock valve two side of the labia minora. For love to add some excitement weights, but this recruit who can not learn it oh.

Snake game


" th

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Super fun sex in a pair of panties in skill

you and your partner are there in a pair of panties in love too, if not experienced, it’s not too late, quickly put on double conjoined underwear and your partner try this leveraging the power of lovemaking!

is easy to skin or privates contact

is very simple, literally, we already know the magic underwear value. Indeed, never also wear underwear in a couple, now already can’t let each other apart.

underwear prompted two people lingering hug, also let ea

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In a different mood, experience a different kind of sexual pleasure


                enjoy the time

"in the past when I can’t get in a , I always very nervous. Later, I asked one of my good friends to talk, she used to have encountered the same problem, but she learned how to focus on foreplay pleasures, and try different posture — instead of her for the climax of the anxiety, after she received more fun. Her words made me r

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The perfect late night sex operation manual

              when a woman has to love feeling, she can first caress myself for twenty to thirty minutes, until she was about to reach the high tide, then climb to a man. Man will find this wake his way especially delicious. Because men need only a few minutes to stimulate excitable, so women can first caresses stimulate their own twenty minutes, in this way, they can reach orgasm together. But if men want to in the middle of the

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Cougar sex tips let two people sharing a climax

men love Cougar is inevitable, not only to the man Cougar feelings, life care, in bed has enough charm, can let two people are satisfied. Want to charm a man’s heart? It is necessary to know how the man in the bed. Quickly learn the following out of the sex skills with Cougar.

remote flirting

if not face to face, you can flirt, after all, now technology is so advanced. Whether to send him a letter of hot mail, or send a yellow message, or a phone call to hint, ar

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Teach you massage the clitoris, experience orgasm

teach you massage the clitoris, experience of


according to extensive investigation sexologist, the majority of wives and about half of the husband does not know where the clitoris, function and its role is less clear, results in life , the two sides do not understand, the woman did not orgasm because of what?

The top part

located in the anterior commissure labium of clitoris, consists of a pair of clitoral corpus cavernosum. The clito

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Sex links are most close sex position

genital intercourse from the front. This is a sex way, is also a kind of sex is the most basic, is a uniquely human sexual intercourse. Say it is the most basic sexual intercourse is because there are a variety of ways, but generally can be divided into two categories, namely, from the front or the back surface. All positive overlapping sex are from the evolution of the sexual intercourse way to. Say it is a kind of sexual intercourse is unique, because other animal never p

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For a change to raise his blood Ben stimulation

In the process of sexual life of men and women are equal, not just women need even the desire to caress, men are also eager to woman’s touch. The man’s privates is the most sensitive area requires a certain skill, caressing hands together use lip. However, touch is to pay attention to skills, can learn about the most women want to caress.

        generally speaking, hand hold the penis are carried out, combined with the actual movement, especially in the effect

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Analysis of demand for high quality of male and female sexual techniques

let sex both for sexual satisfaction is very important, if you are in love do not know how to do, but only in aimlessly groping in the dark words, that you don’t get good sexual satisfaction, can satisfy oneself desire.

for some people, the skills of sex seems to be very simple, also very natural to. However, some other people said, you must go through a hard struggle to achieve good sex. In other words, also is you had sex more, then your sex skills are more abundant.

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